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Tik Tok  101

Heard of Tik Tok?  Been told to get on it for your biz?  Had a quick look and backed away screaming??  

This is the info you need!  A one hour training course in the absolute basics of Tik Tok.  How to set up your profile, How to post, How to practise posting without it actually going live, How to use basic backgrounds and filters, How to use hashtags, How to get your Tik Tok feed showing stuff you are actually interested in - not just the latest stupid dance phase.

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Business Training  Workshops

Are you a new business owner?  Or perhaps your hobby has become a business? We can help you get started on the right track, with all the tools you'll need for your growing business.  Click on the workshops below for more info. Or if you'd like to book a 30 min 121 chat to see how we can help you then click here - Calendly

  • Get your branding organised across all your platforms, on & offline.

    65 British pounds
  • Get your biz direction down on paper. (and on screen)

    85 British pounds
  • Create a yearly plan for what's going out on your social media & blog

    85 British pounds
  • All three of my Biz training Courses, Brand, Plan and Social

    220 British pounds
  • Spread your brand across your biz with help from Canva

    45 British pounds
  • Create engaging event posters, flyer, invites and leaflets

    45 British pounds
  • Start from scratch - all you need is a pc or laptop with internet

    45 British pounds
  • Have you written an e-book? Lets make it look professional

    45 British pounds
  • Are you still using Powerpoint? Canva now has a Present function!

    45 British pounds
  • Fed up of wordy boring social media posts - canva is the answer!

    45 British pounds
  • Absolute basics of how to use Tik Tok for your biz.

    15 British pounds
  • 2 hour interactive workshop focussing on saving you time in your busin...

    45 British pounds
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