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2021 - My new business - What do I need?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Well, lets be honest, 2020 wasn't a great year and 2021 isn't looking like we are getting back to normal anytime soon. So, with thousands facing unemployment or job uncertainty a brave few have decided to take their destiny into their own hands and go it alone. With that in mind I decided to write this blog post to help you get started with your new business from an IT perspective.

So you've decided on your new business, you're going to be a coach, selling products, a personal trainer, an accountant. Whatever it is, in this current world there is a list of things you need to get started and to have that online presence.

This blog series aims to help with that, over the next couple of blogs I'll be covering these 4 main points to help you get started:-

  1. Business Name

  2. Logo

  3. Social Media

  4. Website

Now, I'm not a business coach, so if you need one of these, shout, and I can recommend a few. However, after years of experience helping others with their start ups (and my own) this is my suggestion for getting started the right way.

First things first, you need your business name. Get googling. Check out the competition, see what the others in your field have. Or maybe you are dead set on a name already - Great. Now will it work for you? Hindsight is a wonderful thing so do a bit of research - spend a bit of time. Don't just ask your mates.

Here's a few points to consider:-

  1. Does it work for you? - no not do you like it? Does it help your business? If you've called yourself Red Square - great but what does that say to your customers or to google? Red Square Architecture - would go alot further.

  2. Can you have it? - does it already exist? Google is your friend! Check it out - can you have the social media names you want or the domain name (website address) or even the Company name. Its easy to check with Company House (for UK businesses)

  3. Does it make sense? Ok so first two hurdles out of the way, great. Now just check that if you put this altogether into say a website address where there is no punctuation - is it going to say something else.... or something rude! We've all seen those memes!

Look out for my next post all about your Logo.... and why you might need two!

If you enjoyed this then you might like to join my Facebook group - Demystifying IT for Small Business Owners for lots more helpful tips

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