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Finding Instagram Hashtags to attract Authentic Followers

So you've set up your business account and written yourself an eye catching profile (see my blog post here).... now you just need to reach your followers!

So how to we go about attracting authentic followers to your account?

First of all remember that Instas demographic is younger than facebooks and interested in photo and video content! The majority of users are under 35 years old click here for more info

Ok, so to appeal to the younger audience you want short, eye-catching, easy to engage, posts. Use emojis, pictures and video to get your message across.

Instagram allow 30 hashtags per post - it's best to use between 10 and 30 to reach a wider audience.

So what are the hashtags that are right for you?

Think about your keywords. What would you put into Google if you were searching for something. I recently had a client who does akashic record clearing through your past lives. She had a personal preference for using the term 'ancestral healing' as part of her branding however, most people wouldn't use that term when searching. She hadn't used 'past life healing' or anything with the phrase 'past life' in on her website or social media, and because of this was missing out on a huge corner of her market.

Ask your friends what they would search for if looking for your business. Do some market research!

Now you have your list of Keywords its time to try them out as hashtags on Instagram. So grab your phone...

Hit the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen and start typing in your keywords one at a time.

Lets assume you are a business coach. So you pop 'coach' into the search box, a nice handy list of hashtags and results will appear also stating the number of posts mentioning that hashtag.

#coach hashtag search on instagram
Hashtag search for #coach

We can see here that #coach comes up with 28.9million mentions! Well that's great but not really specific enough - you could be any kind of coach! Plus your post may well get lost in the millions of results already out there. So let get more niche - check out these results:-

So as you can see it's more beneficial to narrow down your audience in some cases so that you don't get lost in the crowd. When starting out look for hashtags that are 500,000 and under, you're more likely to get spotted.


As always if you have a business that is location based, don't forget to hashtag the town, or county. Its no good attracting an American customer if you only work in Essex UK. With that in mind do search your location hashtags before you use them. As Insta started out life in the USA and as alot of our town names can be the same you want to make sure that you are tagging London or York in the UK and not the place across the pond.

Start a hashtag list and begin testing out your tags - you can check the engagement on your business insta account - more about that coming soon, but lets get posting first to create some data!

Hope you've found this useful and watch this space for more Instagram tips coming soon!

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