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Why do I need a blog?

What is all the fuss about? Why should you waste your time writing a blog? Wait a minute.... What is a blog???

Look no further here are the answers!

A blog is a weekly, or monthly post on a website with interesting content. Its a bit like an online magazine, where you add a new article each week or month. However, you are a therapist not a writer. Why would you bother to use up some of your precious time by writing a blog?

Well there are several very good reasons, but here are my top four:-

  1. Create credibility/authority in your field

  2. Gain following/tribe

  3. Stand out

  4. Keeps your website current (in the eyes of google*)

Create credibility/authority in your field

What is the first thing you do when you hear about a new therapy, or a new speaker or person in your field? Well, you google them. If you like what you find you might even buy a book they have written, or follow them on social media, or buy a course or even go and see them. Blogging helps to give you an online presence. If you google someone and you can't find any information on them, you are unlikely to dig any deeper and become a follower, client or customer.

Gain a following - build your tribe

As a therapist you may find that some people haven't heard of your particular type of therapy. Blogging is a fantastic way to get the word out about what you do, industry updates and interesting news. This all helps to build up your following of like minded people, these people then become 'warm' leads and when the time comes for you to do some marketing they are more likely to sign up or buy your service or product.

Stand Out - Be you!

How many Reflexologists are there out there? In your county? In your town? People buy from people they know like and trust. If there's a choice, they will always go with the person they like, get on with or can relate too. If you are an active blogger, potential clients will already 'know' a bit about you and how you work, in the same way that they would if they saw an article about you in a local magazine.

Keeps your website current

This one isn't for you its for your website. So, you had a website built a couple of years ago, looks good, explains what service you offer, prices etc and maybe even online booking. Is anyone looking at it? Google will have looked at your website when it first went live and ranked it based on the info it found. If you don't update your website frequently there is nothing to prompt Google into reassessing your site and moving you up in search results. In short, the more changes on your website the better your ranking when somebody searches. So, how do you keep making changes to your website when its already looking great.... you blog!

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*other search engines are available!

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